Cast Iron Pipe Broken How To Know For Sure

Are you having constant back ups in your sewer line? Maybe your home has deteriorating cast iron piping. The first thing is to know what kind of pipe you have in your home. The best way to determine this is the age of your home. For example homes built from the late 70’s til now are usually PVC pipe. While homes built from early 70’s and older are more then like cast iron piping.

Once you determine the age of your home and what type of piping you have. The next step is to call an Orlando plumber. If you are having clogs that are all the time and you are not knowing what the issue is? The best way to know is to find a plumber that can hydro jet and camera the sewer line. When cast iron ages it builds flaky scales and rusts from the inside out. This can cause a plumbing problem for a few reasons. First is the rusty scale slows water flow down and catches waste causing constant clogs. Second the scale can also hide the true integrity of the pipe such as cracks and or breaks in the line.

So how do you know if your cast iron is bad? First the plumber would need to Hydro Jet the line. Jetting is a process were the plumber uses high pressure water to blast and wash out all debris. Once the scale build up from the pipes is blasted out the plumber can camera the sewer line. With a clean pipe the plumber can see all defects in pipe and see if there is any breaks or cracks in the line. Without jetting the sewer lines the rust flakes will mask/hide cracks and breaks in the line. Making it easier for the plumber to miss a cracked or broken sewer pipe. Once the break is located the plumber can give you a price for your plumbing repairs.

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