How to Save on a Plumbing Repair

Many of our customers ask if can they save on future plumbing repairs. The answer is yes, many plumbers don’t like you to know these saving tips because it cuts into their profit. For example if you have a water heater not working most plumbing companies will only replace the part that is faulty because they know the other parts will fail soon and they will make more money coming back instead of just replacing all components and being done. Here are some steps to save on your future Lake Mary plumbing repair costs:

  1. Preventive maintenance: By flushing your water heater or cleaning your slow shower drain these things will prevent more costly plumbing repair costs such as replacing your water heater because sediment rusted the tank.
  2. Make a plumbing repair list: Most plumbing companies charge hourly or flat rated and either way you will save money doing multiple plumbing jobs. Most plumbers will give you a break on 2nd and 3rd jobs because they are already there.
  3. Obtain three quotes: getting quotes lets you compare the costs of the plumbing repair and keeps your plumber honest.
  4. Replace old plumbing fixtures: Some customers want to repair everything. There comes a time where you need to replace the fixture. For example a poorly flushing toilet that has been worked on many times and still does not flush the way it did could have calcium build up in ports and should just be replaced. It will save you on repair costs in the long run.
Plumbing Repair Savings
Plumbing Repair Savings

If you follow these steps you should be able to cut down on your plumbing repair costs. If you need a Lake Mary plumber,  please give us a call at (407) 710-0210. We also serve Orlando, Casselberry, Winter Springs , Longwood, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Deltona, Winter Park, Oviedo, Sanford, Maitland,  and all of Florida.

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