How Lightning Damages Copper Plumbing

Can lightning in Orlando damage copper piping in your home? Copper piping in Florida which includes Orlando has a bad rap for not lasting long. Although most of the time it is due to inferior plumbing suppies and poor labor when the plumbing was installed. A lot also depends on the environment such as how much chlorine is in the water how hard the water is and whether your soil is akaline or acidic. But there are many homes in the Orlando Florida area that have had to be repiped or replumbed because of lightning. Orlando is the lighting capitol of the world and that with a highly conductive copper piping system is trouble. Many of the older homes in Orlando are not grounded properly and most of the homes are grounded to the copper plumbing and this is terrible for your Orlando plumbing system. Instead of having a separate ground rod for the electric your plumbing is the ground and that is not a good combo. When the lightning hits near or directly at your homes location it sends a jolt through your copper and usually leaves your pipe with multiple pinholes sometimes in the slab or sometimes in the wall and usually requires an Orlando repipe.

We have had customers with pinholes in the slab caused by lightning wanting to repair the damaged pipe instead of repiping and then on the next lightning storm call, they will have a plumbing leak once again. If you have an older home in Orlando and have not had any issues with pinholes please do yourself a favor and check your hose bibs and shutoff valves for a ground cable that is attached and if it is hire an electrician to remove it and put a ground rod in to protect your system. If you have lightning damage to your copper plumbing and need an Orlando plumbing company to repair the leak or repipe your home give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-710-0210. We are hear to help you with all your plumbing needs.

Can Lighting In Orlando Damage Copper Pipe?
Can Lighting In Orlando Damage Copper Pipe?

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