Buying A New Home? Hire A Plumber To Do A Plumbing Inspection

Are you buying a new home? Hire a plumber to do a plumbing inspection. It is well worth the cost and you will pay to an Orlando plumber. If you buy a home and hire a general inspector to inspect your home and think thats going to be good enough then you are wrong. We have heard many horror stories on customers hiring home inspectors and thinking there home is good. It takes many years to learn a trade and know what to look for. We have seen customers pay home inspectors for them to overlook major plumbing issues such as water heaters, improperly installed drain lines installed incorrectly. Most of the time investors are buying houses fixing them up cheaply by hiring cheap unlicensed plumbers and they are making the repairs and remodels against code. It is well worth the extra money to hire a local plumbing company and have them do a full plumbing inspection. If it was a forecloser or a home that nobody has lived in for a long time, spend the money and have a video sewer inspection done so you can visually see your drain lines and know what you are getting into. There has been countless times that we have seen customers that have had to sink in thousands of dollars in to a home that was recently purchased because it was not inspected by a plumbing contractor it is worth the money to invest in a new home purchase to save you money in the long run. If you need a plumbing inspection call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.


Bad repair this is typical problems from homes that are flipped
Bad repair this is typical problems from homes that are flipped

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