How a Broken Drain Line Causes Bad Odors

Why does my house smell like gas? There are many reasons for your plumbing system to have a bad odor and one reason could be that you have a broken drain line in the wall. We have seen broken drains in the wall and it will fill the block cells with water and then rot in the walls. If this happens you would have to hire a Longwood plumber to make the repair but sometimes the smell comes from a fixture that people don’t use often such as a sink or a bathtub.

There are many households that have multiple bathrooms and some don’t get used very often and what happens is the water in the trap evaporates and the water in the trap acts as a seal to stop sewer gases from coming in from the drain line into your home. So if you are not using a particular bathroom or plumbing fixture, the water evaporates letting smell in. Its a simple fix and all you have to do is run the water in the fixture once a week for 30 seconds and that should stop the smell. Sometimes the plumbing fixture will not have a trap installed which is highly against code but we have seen it done. If you put water in the drain and the smell does not get better chances are you will have to call a Longwood plumber to install a P-trap or fix a broken line. If you are looking for a Longwood plumbing company, please call Drain Genie at (407) 710-0210.

How A Trap Works
How A Trap Works

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