Bathtub Replacement In Orlando FL

Do you want to replace your bathtub? Bathtub replacement in Orlando should be left up to a professional Orlando plumber. There is a process in removing a tub and it all depends on what kind of old tub you have on the removal process. If you own an older home chances are it is cast iron a cast iron tub is best removed by breaking it in half with a sledge hammer because of the weight of the tub its easier this way. One piece fiber glass tub must be cut into pieces to remove it because it is too large to remove from the bathroom usually the fiber glass one piece units are installed when the home is built new before the walls are put in so removing it in one piece is impossible. A steel tub is the easiest to remove. It is lightweight and can usually come out in one piece. All tubs require removing of some tile and drywall above and also 3ft out so the unit can slide out. When installing the new unit a stringer board should be installed behind the tub so the tub has something to rest on the board should be level and the tub drain opening will most likely need to have the tar removed from around it so the plumber can access the tub drain and p-trap. After the tub is installed and the drain is connected the tub should be secured with screws to the wood studs. If you have a bathtub replacement in Orlando call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

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