Are There Benefits Going From Gas To Electric Water Heaters?

Our Orlando plumbers get this question a lot are there benefits going from gas to electric water heaters? So your water heater is on the fritz leaking you find out you have too replace it. First thing is what kind of heater is it gas? electric? believe it or not most customers don’t even know if its electric or gas. Once you determine what kind of water heater it is next is pricing. This is where customers panic and want to potentially switch to electric. Below we will list pros and cons of electric and gas water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters Pros

  • Gas heaters are very efficient recovery for a 40 gallon gas heater will recover much faster then an equivalent electric heater. Therefore hot water will last longer.
  • Gas heaters are also very cost effective they are very cheap to run. They can save you big time money on your utility bill.

Gas Water Heater Cons

  • Both the heater and the labor are more expensive to install. Gas heaters cost more and are more labor intensive they also require more materials to install. Many customers get sticker shock by the price of a gas water heater install.
  • They are loud. All thou newer gas heaters are very quite they are still louder then electric.
  • Safety gas leaks and carbon dioxide. Gas is very safe if installed properly if venting is installed properly there is little risk of carbon dioxide. Also gas leaks are a worry. If piping is installed properly and tested there is little chance of leak. Gas has less then one pound of pressure. To compare your water service has 60-80 pounds of pressure. 

Electric Water Heater Pros

  • Electric heaters are very quite they make little to no noise.
  • They are much less expensive. also less labor to install.
  • Also Safety no risk of gas leak or carbon dioxide.

Electric Water Heater Cons

  • Very expensive to run your electric bill will be higher.
  • Runs out of hot water quicker then gas.
Orlando Gas Water Heater Installation
Orlando Gas Water Heater Installation

Over all if you have gas your best bet is to stay with gas. The initial cost will be more but over the long run it will be much cheaper and you will be much happier with the efficiency. Also when you switch from gas to electric heater you have the extra expense of hiring an electrician. Therefore this makes the cost to switch the same or more then staying with gas.


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