Apopka Sewer Video-Camrea inspection

Why is sewer video inspection important in apopka plumbing drainage systems. Over the last 15 to 20 years technology has come a long way. Video inspection is used by inserting a camera attached to a push rod and the flexible rod connects to a video monitor. The camera has lights on it illuminating the inside of the pipe and it is usually accessed through a clean out plumbing vent on the roof or pulling a toilet and accessing the drainage system from there. The reason why it is important to do video inspections in the sewer line is if you have continuous backups in your plumbing system this will pinpoint the problem such as roots in the line and or bellies in the drain. These problems need to be found and repaired by a Apopka plumber and the only way the plumber will know exactly where the problem is located is to video inspect the sewer line, locate and mark the spots to be dug up and repaired.


Once the plumbing repair is made and the whole drain line is inspected you will have years of problem free plumbing from the drain line repaired. Without the knowledge of where the problem is or what is wrong you will continue to have plumbing backups. Plumbing techniques and technology has advanced so much over the years and has made it possible to do things that could not be done back 20 years ago. If you need a sewer video-camrea inspection of your sewer line in Apopka Florida call us at 407-710-0210. We are Apopka’s Florida’s #1 plumbing company.

Sewer Camera-Video Inspection
Sewer Camera-Video Inspection


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