Apopka Sewer Line Connection How Does A Poor Connection Cause A Clogged Drain

There are many ways that your drains can get clogged in Apopka, Florida. The obvious ones are baby wipes, roots, and feminine products. But did you know that faulty sewer connections are one of the main reasons for plumbing back ups. Our Apopka plumbers have seen a wide range of crazy sewer line connections such as duct tape, plastic wrapped around the pipe and mixed concrete dumped around the sewer line connection. Many times it is because the homeowner found a handyman to make the repair and they just rigged the job or sometimes it is an unlicensed plumber that does not have much experience.

So what does this mean to the Apopka consumer? Well if the plumber makes a faulty sewer connection the sewer line will eventually get breached by roots and cause a back-up causing you to call a plumber and have them perform a drain cleaning service call and more than likely running a video camera down the line and digging up your yard to fix the bad sewer connection. That is why it is best to have a licenced Apopka plumbing company do any sewer line repairs. The plumber that does the drain cleaning should know if there is a potential bad connection with the way the sewer cable reacts and should suggest running a video camera in the sewer line to prevent future plumbing back ups. If you  have a plumbing emergency call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210.



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