Reasons Your Bathroom Sink Is Draining Slow

Are your Apopka bathroom sinks draining slow? There are many things that can clog your bathroom sink. Many people believe that if they have a slow sink and a toilet that they have a main line clog. This is not always true if their is a bathtub in the bathroom and it is draining. Chances are it is two separate clogs and most of the time clogged Apopka bathroom sinks are caused by hair and 9 times out of ten it is right in the pop-up. It very rarely makes it deep into your drain line. This is usually a fairly easy plumbing repair some customers even try it themselves but we suggest calling an Apopka plumber to do this drain cleaning procedure while it’s not easy. It requires taking apart certain pieces of the drain line and many people that try to do it on their own and damage the parts when they reinstall it which cause more costly repairs.

Bathroom sinks need drain cleaning every so often as hair build up is the key cause. We suggest not to use drain cleaners. Not only do they not work but the damage they cause to your plumbing system and the environment is very bad. Please call a plumber in Apopka and fix your slow draining sinks to fix your problem right the first time. If you need a plumber call us at 407-710-0210.

Clogged Bathroom Sink
Clogged Bathroom Sink

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