Why Do I Always Have Problems With My Toilet?

Why do I always have problems with my toilet? Toilets can be an Orlando plumbers biggest nightmare. There are so many different varieties, which means different parts, and if you don’t use the right parts for the right job it will cause issues. On top of that, Orlando Florida has the worst water; very high in chlorine and hard water deposits. One of the biggest things we see our customers doing that prematurely causes there toilets to fail is putting hash chemical products in the back tank to help keep their toilet clean. This causes very big problems for the inside workings of the toilet. Why is that you ask? Well, the products main ingredient is chlorine, which prematurely breaks down the gaskets and plastic pieces in your toilet and wears out your toilet flapper quicker than normal which causes it to warp, allowing water to start leaking by, causing you to hear your toilet constantly running and in return having to have an Orlando plumber come out and fix your toilet. It also weakens the seals between the tank and the bowl, causing them to prematurely leak. We already have bad water in the Orlando area, so adding these chemicals just makes it that much more worse. If you want to keep your toilet clean, try getting the tablets that hang in the bowl and not the back tank, this will bypass the area that has all the working parts for the toilet and add years to the life of your commode. Have any questions about your plumbing and need a plumber? Call Drain Genie Plumbing Services. We are here 24/7 in Orlando at  (407) 490-1230 Or Longwood at (407) 588-1736.


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