Not Always Does A Plumbing Leak Mean It Is A Major Repair

There are several ways you can get a plumbing leak in your Orlando Florida home such as plumbing fixtures, faucets, and water lines. But when an Orlando homeowner finds water leaking in their bathroom, many automatically think it is coming from those plumbing items but that is not always the case. Water can find its way through the smallest holes. If you see a plumbing leak in your bathroom try to narrow it down. If it’s leaking only when you use something that would mean it is more than likely a drain leaking such as a toilet or tub drain.

Many people don’t realize most plumbing leaks come from bad caulking or no caulking at all. If the shower control knobs are not caulked chances are it could be coming from there. Also, if you hang stuff on your shower head, the weight overtime can break the line in the wall and cause a plumbing leak. That only would occur when the shower is used. The same is with the tub spout it can break and leak in the wall and cause a leak. There are many things that can cause water damage that can be minor plumbing repairs. Always check the minor things like caulk before you call a plumber. If you need an Orlando plumber please call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

                                             Caulking A Shower Valve

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