Caution to Homeowners Who Do Plumbing Repairs

With many Altamonte Springs homeowners still unemployed or under employed many decide to tackle plumbing repairs on there own. They believe that they are going to save a lot of money (oh i will just go to the local home improvement store and they have everything i need). That is what many of our customers say they were thinking. Just last night we had a customer call at 10:30 pm he said he decided to do his own plumbing repairs and stopped by the hardware store he asked the advice of the man working in the plumbing department on what to buy and how to fix it. The man gives him all the parts and he tries to make the plumbing repair and fails. He calls us up panicking because he has no water and needs it fixed immediately. We go out there and noticed the customer was using the wrong parts and wrong glue to make the repair. He stated that is what they told him to use. So instead of a fairly quick and inexpensive repair, we had to re-do the whole thing and the cost was way more than it would of been. Many times the people working in these hardware stores know nothing about plumbing and we have seen many customers spend more because they were told the wrong way to make their plumbing repairs.If you have a plumbing repair we can help you. Many times we can give you the price over the phone. If you need an Altamonte Springs plumber,  please give us a call at 407-710-0210. We are here 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs.

Altamonte Springs Plumbing Repairs
Altamonte Springs Plumbing Repairs

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