4 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are a very common problem and now that the holidays are here and extra friends and family are in town, the toilet can sometimes get overloaded. If you have an older toilet or a slow filling toilet we suggest calling an Altamonte Springs plumber to do a tune-up on your toilet. If you have a slow filling toilet this can create a problem causing toilet back-ups. How does a slow filling toilet create a clog? Well say someone uses the toilet and when they are through they flush and another person goes in immediately after and uses the toilet and flushes again. If the toilet did not fill all the way from the last person it won’t have the proper amount of water to wash the solids through causing a clogged toilet that is why it is a good idea to have a plumber fix problem toilets before company gets in town. Here are some things not to flush down the toilet:

  1. Feminine products they do not break down.
  2. Cat litter
  3. Baby wipes
  4. dental floss
  • Pretty much just toilet paper and human waste should be flushed in a toilet. Cat litter is a big no no as it can ruin your drainage system. It settles to the bottom of the pipe and sticks to it and turns concrete like, causing major problems. Most people do not realize the damage cat litter causes. If you have a clogged toilet and need a plumber in Altamonte Springs please give us a call at 407-490-1230.


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