4 “Flushable” Things You Should Never Flush

Your toilet may seem like the ultimate way to get rid of unwanted items. After all, it’s intended purpose is to flush away waste. However, if you, like most homeowners, would prefer your toilet continue working for years to come, there are several things that you should never flush down it. At Drain Genie, we’ve seen countless things caught in toilet drains that don’t belong there! Here’s a list of the most common things that you may think are okay, but definitely are not.

Flushable Things You Shouldn't Flush

1. Tissues and Paper Towels

Our first item may surprise you. Tissues and paper towels seem so similar to toilet paper that many homeowners think they are flushable. However, the materials used to make tissues, paper towels, and similar products do not dissolve as easily as toilet paper does, so they are far more likely to clog your toilet.

2. Kitty Litter

Several types of kitty litter is advertised as flushable. Although it may seem like a good way to get rid of the cat waste, it’s very bad for your plumbing. It will linger in your pipes as it refuses to dissolve easily, and interacts poorly with your sewer system. A better plan is to scoop the kitty litter chunks into disposable bags and discard them with your garbage.

3. Cotton Bathroom Products

Anything made of cotton has no business being in the toilet. This includes cotton swabs, cotton balls, Q-tips, and any other cotton product. Cotton absorbs water, but does not break down easily, making it an enemy of sewer pipes.

4. Pills

Thanks to TV, many believe that flushing away pills is a dramatic and effective way to discard of unwanted or dangerous medication. However, chemicals from the medication will get into sewer systems and even groundwater, where they can do serious damage. If you have unwanted or expired medication, find a local medicine take-back program or grind them up to discard on trash day.

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