3 Reasons Your Plumbing Might Smell

If you’re a homeowner, sometimes you have problems that stink – both figuratively and literally. Today, we’re discussing some problems that literally can make your home smell bad. The fact is that the plumbing in your home has a smelly job, and sometimes that smell can back up into your home and it is not pleasant. Today, our team at Drain Genie Plumbing Services is discussing three possible causes of stinky plumbing.

Smelly Plumbing Problems

1. Damaged Sewer Line

Your sewer line can be damaged by a number of things that are out of your control. Clogs can build up and cause the line to burst, tree roots can grow through the line, or the line itself can sink into the ground and split. When your sewer line is damaged, the sewage escapes and the smell comes up through your drains. If you suspect this is what is causing a bad smell in your home, contact a professional right away.

2. Your Garbage Disposal Needs Cleaned

Another common smelly problem is a dirty garbage disposal. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, debris can gradually build up on the inside of a garbage disposal. The food waste that may cling to the inside of your disposal may develop an unpleasant stench. However, if the smell doesn’t go away after a thorough cleaning, don’t hesitate to call your friends at Drain Genie.

3. Biofilm Build-Up

Finally, if you have a smelly shower drain, it could be caused by biofilm build-up. Biofilm is the accumulation of waste from shower products, such as oils, shampoos, soaps, or creams. When those products get trapped in the drain, natural bacteria will begin to cling to them and cause an odor. Luckily, getting rid of the build-up is fairly easy with a combination of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar.

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