3 Examples of When You Should Call a Professional Plumber in Orlando

Some people fancy themselves to be quite the handyman, and perhaps you are one of them. When it comes to plumbing issues, savvy homeowners may be able to perform minor projects. However, most Orlando property owners should bring in a professional plumber for significant plumbing issues. Drain Genie Plumbing Services uses skilled, trained professionals with plenty of experience. If you run into any of the three cases we cover in this article, we highly recommend giving us a call.

3 Examples of When You Should Call a Professional Plumber in Orlando

1. Repiping

No matter what type of pipes you have, they wear out over time. Depending on the material, plumbing pipes can last anywhere from 20-100 years. If you have older pipes and notice low water pressure or rust-colored water, you likely have a potential piping issue. Our seasoned journeymen’s trained eyes can even spot pinpoint leaks under the slab. At some point, you’ll have to repipe the property. When that time comes, don’t attempt to tackle that project on your own. Hire a professional plumber in Orlando.

2. Moving Pipe

Are you planning a major home renovation? Home improvement projects, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations, often include a redesign. In turn, redesign usually means you must move the pipe to accommodate the changes. For example, moving refrigerators with water lines, tubs, sinks, and toilets require moving pipes. To do this, it’s likely you’ll have to take up the flooring and subfloor, which is a significant undertaking. 

While it might be possible to accomplish moving pipe on your own, we don’t recommend it. Professional, licensed plumbers are best-suited for this type of work. Besides, they’re licensed and insured, should anything go wrong. If you make a mistake, you’ll likely have to cover the cost yourself. 

3. New Installation

Building a new home is an exciting experience for many American homeowners. Designing your space and watching it come to life brings fulfillment and satisfaction. As far as new construction goes, good bones provide peace of mind and lay the foundation for the rest of the build.

Some homeowners are diehard DIYers, and that’s great. However, plumbing isn’t the best DIY project, especially with new plumbing installation. Even if it is possible to perform the work yourself, why not rely on a professional plumber in Orlando or nearby to take on the heavy burden of new installation?  

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