The Biggest Water Wasters of Your Household: Part Two

Yesterday we went over the shower and how it was rated number two for water consumption. Today we are going over the toilet and how it is the most wasteful plumbing fixture in your Orlando home.  If your water closet was made before 1994 you are using 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush. This can add up on a family of four for example (at six flushes per day on an older commode the usage is 31 gallons per day with 4 people that is 124 gallons per day and for a month that is 3720 gallons of water). That is for six flushes per day, so if you use the commode more, this number can sky rocket or if you have visitors this can also drastically change your usage amount. We suggest if your commode is from pre 1994, to update the commode with a new high efficient commode your savings in water will pay for the toilet in no time at all. There are many styles to choose from and toilets have come a long way, just ask your local Orlando plumber to help you decide which toilet is best for your needs.

The next thing that makes the toilet the most wasteful fixture is that most people do not look inside the tank at all and they tend to take for granted the toilet and the inside mechanisms. everything needs maintenance and so does the inside of your toilet. The flapper and the fill valve are the biggest culprit in water waste. Did you know that a leaking toilet can waste 100 gallons of water a day thats 3000 gallons a month and with normal usage that can push the total to 6,720 gallons per month for one leaking toilet and a family of four monthly use.

Bottom line if you have a leaking toilet, please call a plumber in Orlando to repair it. The cost for the repair will be paid for in no time in water savings. If you have an old toilet, just replace it. You can cut down on your water consumption by being alert. If you need a plumber in Orlando, please give us a call at 407-710-0210.



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