The #1 Reason Your Kitchen Drain Clogs

The #1 reason your kitchen drain clogs: We have went over the many things that can clog your kitchen sink in the last few years from rice, pasta, veggies but what is the most destructive thing you can put down your kitchen drain is grease. Yep grease most people know this but you would be surprised how many Maitland and Florida residents who do not know this. When grease gets into your lines and builds up over the years it turns into a thick hard white substance and is very hard for your Maitland plumber to snake it out most of the time because it needs to be hydro jetted to remove it entirely from the drain line. Then most customers will try chemical drain cleaners which makes the problem worse for the plumber.

The following are a couple myths about grease:

  •  Just a little grease down the drain can’t hurt. = False
  • When I dump grease down my drain, I just run some hot water and that will help. = False

A little bit of grease everyday will buildup in your lines and cause nasty kitchen clogs. Running hot water does not do anything. As the grease and hot water go down the drain, the water will cool and the grease will harden causing major kitchen drain clogs. The best solution is prevent it from going down the drain dump. It is better to put used grease into a jar and discard it into the trash. If your kitchen is clogged and you need drain cleaning service please give us a call at 407-710-0210.

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