What Are Some Differences Between Commercial Plumbing And Residential Plumbing?

In commercial plumbing and residential plumbing there are many differences in Orlando Florida and one way it differs is drain cleaning. Most Orlando commercial properties whether it is a strip mall or a doctors office, there is usually a urinal or two in the men’s bathroom. Some Orlando plumbers will cheat when they get a call for a clogged urinal and dump cleaner in the urinal. This process does work sometimes but does not work or last that long. At Drain Genie Plumbing Services our plumbers will pull the urinal off the wall, take it out side and soak it in a special calcium dissolver while it is soaking. Then we  run a snake through the 2 inch urinal drain and then reset the urinal and test the plumbing fixture. This process is the best and really the only way to do drain cleaning on a urinal. It does take time but it is the right process it will usually take about an hour and a half to drain clean a urinal.


The other plumbing part that differs in commercial is the Sloan flush valve. These valves are chrome and have special diaphragms that are inside the valve body if the valve does not shut down when flushed the diaphragm usually needs to be replaced. The Sloan flush valve is a very easy plumbing valve to repair and you must use a spud wrench to remove the nuts so the chrome does not get scratched. If you need Orlando Drain cleaning call us at 407-710-0210.


Commercial Plumbing
Commercial Plumbing


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